WP Table of Contents

People always like content with clear structure that can be checked before reading. People also might want to skip back of front in the text during reading. Therefore it is useful to show a structure of a document.

Typical situation: You have quite long page with headings and you need to show automatically generated “Table of contents” to users.

Available Plugins

Might change during the time 😉


  • Automatically generated
  • Gutenberg compatible
    • Can be placed on a specific position in a specific page/post
  • Configurable – for pages/posts/media/all
  • Customizable design

Easy Table of Contents

  • Automatically generated
  • Compatible until WP 4.9.9 (2019/01/15)

Shortcode Table of Contents (shortcode-toc)

Simply use the [toc content=".your-container"] shortcode to automatically generate a table of contents for any HTML container.

  • Usable for any HTML container
  • Compatible until WP 4.9.9 (2019/01/15)