How to create bootable USB flash disk

Create one or more bootable partitions. Use can use for example GParted for this.


  • Choose the right disk (USB pendrive)
  • Create one or more partitions –
  • Ensure if you have chosen the right disk
  • Confirm changes by check mark
  • Manage flags > Boot
  • Burn ISO file onto a partition on USB stick

What tool can I use?

Commandline tool DD (Linux only)

dd if=/home/user/Downloads/some.iso of=/dev/sdc1 bs=8M status=progress oflag=direct

Tools with graphical user interface (GUI)

How to use USB capacity efficiently?

You have a 16GB USB flashdrive and you need only 1,5GB for ElementaryOS Live. It is insufficient, isn’t it? What to do? I know two options:

  • Create 2 partitions – use 1st partition for live distro & 2nd as traditional data storage
  • Use the disk as multisystem/multiboot drive
  • If you come up with another way, please let me know 😉

MultiSystem – Multiboot

MultiSystem tool allows you to have 1 USB pendrive containing several distributions. After booting from the USB you get a menu allowing you to choose which distribution to boot.